God is Love

I – me – you – we, together as one forever!!

I Need You Lord

I need to feel your powerful hand touching my back.

I need to hear your fearful voice filling my ears.

I need to see your glowing glory right in front of my eyes.

I need fulfilment of Your Holy Spirit to take hold

of my entire body.

I need You to hear my praise

I need You to hear my prayers

I need You to hear my thanks

I need You to forgive my sins

I need You to see my life

all the bad that’s growing dull

and all the good that’s growing wild with

Joy, Laughter, Happiness, Peace, Friends, Love and You.

I need You to see the love

that I have for You !

It is so great and it is still growing in full force.

Thank You Father for been part of my life.

Everybody needs You, The Lord, The Great King.

Sunday, 11th June 1995

1 John 4:8

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