Take Me Through

I just feel like crying…I don’t know why

The clouds are turning grey

The night is turning cold

Lights begin to glow

As the sky begins to darken

Everything looks so mystical and yet gloomy.

My spirits are low

My life looks empty

My heart is crying.

I need You Lord

To come into my life

I need You to fill me up

The dark clouds are pushing me down

My spirit is reaching, searching, grasping for air.

A bright light

A warm glow

A power so great

And strength so glorious

Lord, my King of Kings

My Father

My Saviour

You are the one, the only one for me.

You are my life.

My heart is so full of joyous thanksgiving

         there is no room for depression.

I love You Lord

You are so good to me

You pick me up and lead me on to greater things.

I love You Lord

You are always by my side to guide me through to the brighter side.

I love You Lord

You give me new life.

You are my life.

Wednesday, 14th June 1995

Psalm 130

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