While growing up on the family farm in the Entumeni district, west of Eshowe, her parents, Mike and Marian Mattinson, encouraged their children to enjoy the beauty of God’s nature that surrounded them.

Thanks to her grandfather, Seymore Mattinson, she inherited her interest in poetry which led her to self-publish two Prose and Poetry books, ‘Grateful Hearts’ and ‘Thankful Hearts’.

Theresa completed a diploma in Tourism and Hotel Reception as the idea of travelling and seeing new places appealed to her. Although she has not continued in the Tourism Industry field she has travelled and stayed in various countries, which include Iran; Rwanda; Nigeria and visited many more.

Photography, Prose & Poetry were her main hobbies but from 2017 it included Art. She has learnt to use oils, pastels, pen and watercolour. She loves trying out new and different mediums continuously.

‘Pet’ commissions really show her ability to capture loved one’s characters.

Biblical scriptures are often featured in her art which reflect her foundational beliefs.

2017  Start of art career

2017-2023 Art in the Shade Mtunzini KZN – Participant

2019-2023 Hilton Art Festival KZN – Participant

2022-2024 North Coast Artist – Member

2020-2024 Art available at Twigs Mtunzini

2023 Ngoya Lodge Exhibition Mtunzini

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