Marian Mattinson (Gunter – 1949)

Born and raised in Eshowe. Currently a resident of Mtunzini, KZN.

Artist who paints in various mediums. She works from ‘Shades of Trees’ Studio and has been privileged to sell art works, locally & internationally.

In 2017, thanks to Mike Mattinson, late husband of Marian, ‘Shades of Trees’, a studio in Mtunzini KZN, became a reality. This was in appreciation for her support while raising 3 lovely children.

Marian loves being creative and sharing her knowledge and  passion for art with others.

“ The act of creating a watercolour from a blank sheet of paper to something that hopefully has meaning and merit, seems almost magical to me, and an immense privilege.” Hazel Soan

1979-2009  Worked full day as a bookkeeper

1974-2017. Local artist Diamond Bozas – Mentored

1976 Marj Bowan w/c workshop – Introduced to watercolour

1990-2017  Eshowe KZN Art Exhibitions – Participation

2010  Jabulisa 2010. Artwork selected for exhibition

2014-2016  Tatham ‘Fotage’ – Participation

2017-2022  Art in the Shade Mtunzini KZN – Participation

2017-2022  KZN Watercolour Society – Member

2020-2024  North Coast Artists – Member, Award Winner and Participant

2019-2023  Hilton Art Festival KZN – Participation

2019; 2020  Grant Wood w/c workshop – Attended

2019; 2020; 2021  David Johnson Pastel w/shop – Attended

2020-2021  KZNSA Member’s Exhibition – Participant

2020-2022 North Coast Artist Exhibition –

2021-2023  The Gallery, Ballito KZN – Participant

2021-2023  Gabriel Lipper, American artist, Online Art Scholarship – Awarded & Participant

2021  ‘The Art of Lockdown’ Competition (artsavingsclub). ‘The South African Artist’ mag. Issue No. 62 – Runner up

2022  ‘The South African Artist’ magazine, ‘Landscape Competition’ –  Amongst the finalists. Displayed at The Gallery, Ballito KZN

2023  Ngoya Lodge Exhibition Mtunzini – Participant

2023-2024  Highway Art Group – Member

2022-2023  Artefacto Courses – ‘Simplification and Design with Watercolour’; ‘Fundamentals of Watercolour’; ‘Moody Watercolour’; ‘Watercolour Mastery in Theory and Practice’ Marathon; Certificate of Completion

2023  International Women in Watercolour Competition – Award Winner

2023  Watercolour Art Southern Africa (WASA) ‘Colour My World’ International Competition – Award Winner

2023-2024 Watercolour Art Southern Africa (WASA) – Admin

More of Marian’s Art