City Life

We used to live in the city and the traffic didn’t trouble me too much.  For the last 11 years we’ve been living in a small village, there are no traffic lights, no major traffic jams and the people are relatively polite.

Recently I had to take a trip to the city, if I could put emojis here I would.

I was driving so slowly, so unsure and unfamiliar with their ways.  It felt like the people were speeding but it’s most probably the norm for them.  I’m not used to this, I’m out of practise.

This experience got me thinking of the Holy Spirit.

The churches we attended; people prayed aloud in tongues.  We prayed for people all the time, for demons to leave, for the sick to be healed.  We visited hospitals, we did home visits, we were friends, visiting in each other’s homes.  We worshipped together.  Cleaned people’s windows for free just to have the privilege to pray with them.

Holy Spirit please bring us back to you, I feel like I’ve become out of practise with your ways.  Train us up and send us out to do your will O Lord God.

Please read Colossians 1 in The Message.

21 August 2020