Holy Spirit

Sunday, 5 March 1995

When I got filled with The Holy Spirit, it was the most amazing feeling that I have never felt before.  I could feel myself been pushed back by a wonderful power inside my body.  The tears rolled down my face and dripped off my chin down onto my leg.  A friend of mine placed her hand on my back, in her twitching state and spoke words that I have never heard before.  She amazed me, everybody amazed me, Jesus always amazes me, God amazes me and The Holy Spirit is so amazing.

I knelt down on my knees and prayed a prayer the elder spoke.  My stomach would draw me in and push me out again.  I was filled up, full of love, care, kindness and tears.  My body lurched like I had never felt it lurch before.  I couldn’t stop this power my body had over my mind.  I couldn’t stop it and I didn’t want to stop it.  I heard the laughter, I heard the lions cries, I heard Your people been filled by The Holy Spirit.  Your people, my brothers and sisters smiled at me, all those beautiful smiles, so alive and shining, full of love for life.  I am so happy, everything is so beautiful, nobody can and is going to ruin this wonderful feeling that I can feel in and around my body.

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