The Candle

A pure round white candle

with it’s wick crying out.

A magical mysteries flame

catches the wick.

They fuse

and the flame grows from the candle.

So perfect in colour,

an electric blue

glowing golden.

So perfect in shape

reaching up for My Lord,

My God, My Saviour, My Father.

The wax forms a perfect ring

around the wick of flame

and as time passes

it grows.

Just like when we fuse with God,

we feel the Spirit

and He fills us.

He sets us a light,

turns on our flames.

Our flames reach for The Lord

Our wax rings grow

as we grow in faith

and prayer within The Lord.

This little creation brings warmth

as we can give warmth

to our family, friends, the church

and even the world.

The whole creation glows with power,

glory, strength, warmth and even love.

It does not matter how the winds

make it toss

and shrink it goes straight back

to that perfect shape.

Lord You Are Amazing

The things that you have created

are all so wonderful

and powerful.

They move me

and I Thank You

for all your creations

Your Love

Your Spirit

Your Glory

Your Warmth

Your Power

Most of all Just for You Lord

I Thank You I Love You.                                                                       

             9thMay 1995

           Psalm 18:28

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