Talk to God

We more concerned, “what’s for lunch?” than what God wants. “What’s tonight’s movie?”, than are we doing God’s will. We roll out of bed on Sunday and log into church just on time. Even if we going to the building, are we prayed up? Fired up? Holy Spirit full and overflowing?

I’m feeling frustrated. We are so concerned with our plans for the future, our studies, our careers, our homes, our finances… Did you ever stop to ask God what he wanted you to do? What gifts, talents he gave you to use for His Glory? To live the life he wanted you to live.

It’s not too late to stop, stand still and ask God.

Can any of us truly say, “I am doing my Father’s will?” (I’m talking to myself too) I don’t believe we are doing church the way God intended. We playing church, have been doing it for years, following our fathers and our grandfathers. Something got lost along the way, man got self reliant. Lord teach us your ways. Show us your will. Teach us how to hear the Holy Spirit again. Teach us how to put down our nets and follow you and only you. Lord we want to be used by you, we want to be a bright light for you.

Please continue talking to God…

Ephesians 1, read it in The Message if you can.

2 August 2020 (Lock down Stage 3)