Living Water

A neighbour that was moving decided to give my son there angel fish. Over the years the tank grew and different varities of fish came and went but with it always a constant, the fish tank had to be cleaned and topped up with water. I imagined our fish swimming in just a fraction of water and felt very sorry for them. I also assume that they wouldn’t last long living like this.

The same for our lives, we can’t survive in just a shallow pool with stale water. We need constant filling up. As we often giving of ourselves as well. Where do we go to get this living water?

My help comes from the Lord, He created the very breath I breathe and knows my inner being. He knows my coming and my going. He loves me. He chose me. He is the bread of life, the Great I Am.

John 7:37-38 Revelation 7:17 Psalm 121 3 January 2021