Bigger Picture

I’ve been given an orange

For it to become fruitful

I need to bury it

It will grow and then bear fruit

From death comes life

The orange had to die

For another tree to grow

And bear fruit

and so the process continues.

Jesus had to die with our sins

So that He would rise again

So that we receive eternal life

We need to die to self

so that God’s life would be lived out through us

From Death come Life!!

Stop with all our selfish needs

and wants and see the bigger picture

See God’s picture

See what God sees

Feel what God feels

The flower dies to bear berries

The fruit has to be opened and exposed

For the seeds to be seen

For the seeds to fall out

We die right now

We lay down our lives

All our worries

All our cares

The old flesh dies

And the new life comes.

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